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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Rescuer

My nephew Blake came last weekend and laid the laminate flooring at the front entrance.  It looks so much better because the floor used to look like this:

This is a brown linoleum which is cheap looking and sucks up the light. Remember when my camera quit working?  This was the same look in the kitchen and it just made the whole room look dark and dirty.

 Blake works as a contractor but comes on his available weekends to help me, he did the kitchen floor about a month ago.

 (my sweet pussycat got in the pic!)

and I love it.  It brings light into a kitchen without windows.  It also makes me want to keep the kitchen cleaner - funny how that happens!

In progress the front entry looks like this:

Blake is finicky, I like that about him.  He is sort of a modern day renaissance man; he is a contractor,  is in a band, manages another band and has them both on itunes and is  Dad to a beautiful boy named Anakin.  We share the love of Star Wars he and I. (If you didn't get the reference ask a teenage boy!)

This new life is bringing some unexpected challenges my way but I'm lucky because I have Blake by my side.  I don't know what I would do without him.  I held Blake when he was 3 days old and loved him to death when he was little ( a bit too much for his dad's taste when I put red nail polish on him).  He was the first of 3 beautiful children for my sister and these three always make me smile.  As adults they are supportive and sweet to me. 

I don't have a final picture yet because we need to still add the trim.  The other day Blake arrived for dinner and he sat in the living room looked at the hole in the wall ( and announced he could fix it!!  Yeah - I'm trying but that hole is damn difficult to decorate around.  This is what I had envisioned:

(a magazine shot sorry if it's a bit crappy)
This is what I wanted to do, add Ikea lacke shelves above the TV therefor distracting your eye from the black TV.  Well it's my dream anyway, but thanks to Blake it will get done. 

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Patricia ... Wow, although the job isn't quite finished yet, what a transformation already! You are BLESSED WITH BLAKE! He's taking very good care of his Aunt! Can't wait to see the finished entry.