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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Treasure Schedule

I have been writing back and forth with Linda from who started my  blogging.  I met her when I purchased this desk from her:

She asked me where I got my mirrors from and that's when I realized there is a bit of a schedule to treasure hunting.  Garage sales are where I started which is a spring to fall endeavor.  I got my favourite plastic mirror at a garage sale that was advertised as getting rid of "treasures" from a life long collector.  It was perfect advertising because there was a lineup of about 20 people on the driveway waiting to get in.  It was amazing, obviously a hoarders collections were up for sale but it was a hoarder who knew shabby chic when she saw it looonnnnggg before it was a style.  I like to go to garage sales in older neighborhoods.  Here is my plastic $5.00 mirror that I walked away from and went back to get.

There are times to buy at stores as well.  I picked up my venetian mirrors at Homesense in the spring.  After Christmas stores start to quickly put spring items in the store and they are usually perfect shabby chic stuff. Think of it, it's the time of pink, white, and pretty greens.  I picked up my venetian mirror boxes at both Christmas (they are in the stores now) and in the spring.  Christmas is more than red and green, now it's sparkly and gorgeous.   As I mentioned before even Michael's is now doing pink and silver for Christmas. 

The final place I look is thrift stores.  Interesting frames can come in thrift stores wrapped around horrendous pictures so look beyond the picture.  I saw a beautiful one once and walked away and still think about it. 

When all else fails, ebay is a great source but to be honest I have never had a mirror shipped to me. 

Thank you Linda for getting my creative juices flowing when I was still drinking my coffee!!

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  1. Your $5 dollar mirror was a great deal. I have a couple of those plastic mirrors and I've paid up to $40 for one! They have beatiful details which make them look so pretty. You really do have a fabulous collection of shabby chic items but the real key is the fact that you know how to put it all together and make it work! Your vignettes are always so delicious! xox

  2. Your very welcome! Lets plan a treasure hunting day!!! Have you been to One Man's Treasure in Stony Plain? If not its a must see!!!!