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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes wrong is right

Yeah, I know I sound like a petulant teenager but really it's not that at all.  In 2003 at Walmart (!) I found a beautiful Martha Stewart fabric that was cheap and beautiful and I purchased as much as I could afford.  I have looked for more for years and never found it again.

Yeah I know it's a bit loud and vibrant.  The joy of fabric with a great pattern is that sometimes the side they are selling you is not the beautiful side.  I turned it around and this was what was on the other side.

See, it's soft and dreamy and beautiful.  I hung onto my small amount of fabric until inspiration struck.  I sew, but I'm not great.  I spend a lot of time focusing  my errors but this time I did a better than average job (well, for me at least).  I had some beautiful white linen in my fabric supply so I did a white ruffled linen edge on my beautiful fabric. I love white linen, so crisp and it looked softer next to my fabric.  When I was done I had this:

But then I had a suggestion to turn it around and emphasize the enclosure which I agreed added a bit more oomph.  I knew what I needed, vintage rhinestones!!  I love ebay, you can always find what you need.  A few weeks later, and voila!!

It's a beautiful vintage rhinestone button.

It's the combination of soft fabric, white linen and the button that makes it my favourite.

I added a feather cushion inside.  In fact all my pillows are feather, never ever poly fill.  Feather allows you to lean back in comfort not get pushed out like a poly pillow does.  There are so many cheap feather pillows out there, ikea is ridiculously cheap, and here in Canada Jysk is where I got my euro cushions and lots of other feather size cushion inserts.  As well, sale bins are filled with pillows with ugly unusable patterns but with  a zipper and a feather fill it can be turned into what you want. 

So I guess the thing is sometimes wrong is right, and toss the poly go for the comfort of feather.  You deserve it.

Until next time,

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  1. That is so great, sounds like my sewing! I love the ruffles and the button and the washed out quality of the fabric. I love it all!!