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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

peaceful colour

I grew up in the 70's.  My bedroom had black and white circle wallpaper, red shag carpet and a red bedspread that sent electric shocks in the dark when it was winter (obviously not 100% cotton). That might have been why I have always liked calm colours in my surroundings.  When I was in University I purchased a white couch frame from Ikea with light blue cushions and I have yet to deviate from pale.

With the addition of my chandelier and a change in the weather it sparked a bit of a change and I switched out my euro pillows for these:

from target.  When I got them they were a little ........ bubblegum.  So I took them and soaked them in a laundry tub with a bit of bleach and a lot of water.  Sometimes it changes quickly and sometimes you can soak overnight to just soften a colour. These turned out soft and perfect and have not turned lighter even with additional washing. 

I also added my first Simply Shabby Chic item,

I believe it's called Rosalie.  It's a beautiful cotton linen mix  which I have been using for about 7 years.  You may not recognize it, as I did the light bleach process on it as well.  It usually looks a bit like this:

but I wanted it a bit softer, and now it's soft and lovely.

As well I added a longtime favourite:

Rachel Ashwell's Bella rose pink.  It's a stunningly soft pattern.  I only have this tiny piece.  I purchased it about 7 years ago on ebay and it was a store sample piece, a small square with grommets in 2 corners like this:

I also purchased these on ebay a few months ago and want to make some pillows out of these as well.  They are also Rachel Ashwell and for these it will be just straight lines, no ruffle.  It's tricky sewing around the grommet and I'm thinking about how I will do this without a ruffle to hide the grommet like I did with the Bella rose pink.

The other day I looked around my living room and noticed how soft it all was.... mission accomplished.

Until next time,


  1. GORGEOUS fabrics! I'm glad your living room is all you hoped it would be (and more, I'm sure)!

  2. I love the softer look of your pretty pillow.


  3. I love fabrics, so beautiful pillow:))
    Greetings from Biljana