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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creamy Perfection

I used to want stark blazing white and who didn't?  Rachel Ashwell shows white beautifully and it always looks great.  I live in Northern Alberta and the light here is amazing.  Bright, cerulean blue sky's and some damn cold winters which sometimes makes white look cold when all you want is warm.  Lately I love cream.  Our walls are creamy and a few years ago I got silk drapes at Fabricland for $14.00 and hung onto them until I could use them. 

Something about blue and cream is looking good to me to.  I saw this lampshade at Homesense while walking around talking to my Mom and I left her in mid sentence to go pick it up.  It's pale blue and has a soft fluffy Fleur De lis around it.  Hard to see in this picture but when it's lit it's stunning.  I love the look of an alabaster lamp in the sun.

A close up of the silk drapes.

I love the sheen of silk. 

There is no fireplace or mantle here but there is a shelf in the sun with great windows.  I use it as a mantle and make it a focal point in the room.  The sun poring in makes it a focus when you first come in the room.

The blinds aren't nice but the window is large so I will need something custom made to fit.  On each wall I placed a white plastic mirror for reflection of sun in the day and candle light at night.

I think it's starting to work out a bit. 

Aaahhh cream.

Until next time,

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