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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Friday, September 17, 2010

dining cabinet

Years ago I purchased an Ikea China cabinet and left it au natural for about 15 years and then I painted it grey and white.  The result was beautiful,

but... it had some bad memories for me, and I was tired of a cabinet that took up a whole wall so I firesaled it on kijiji (I hadn't missed it until I saw this picture hmmm).

Before I was left Ontario I wanted to pick up an antique low cabinet, one that was not going to be so obtrusive in a room.  I found a cabinet on kijiji owned by an elderly couple  who had taken the cabinet out of the  family cottage and they guessed it to be about 80 years old.   

 I saw a lot of potential.

 When it was delivered it had in large writing on the bottom May 12 1902. It was a surprise to both the owner and myself.

Painting it was my next step, brown has never held any appeal for me (and I checked with an antique dealer first, he said it would not hurt the value). Painted it high gloss creamy white (Debbie Travis, Canadian Tire) no primer, 2 coats of paint. The handles are beautiful and when polished revealed even more detail,


I love these details but I don't love the way the knobs on the bottom look,


Too brassy, not working for me.  So it gave me an excuse to head to Anthropologie (!)  I found these great pulls which also had brass on them so they would tie in nicely.

I think they are perfect! and here is the final result:

They aren't as noticeable but (with a better camera) they work better, not hogging all the light from the pretty pulls on the top. 

Here it is all together and pardon the light (I won't even call it a chandelier it is soooo  ugly), my electrician is coming next week.

It is growing on me.  There are still moments when I think I made a bad decision with this, that it's too big, not pretty enough but I'm working on it.  Funny thing, the inside is not finished and when you open the cabinet door it smells heavenly, like an old wooden cottage.

Until next time,


  1. I definitely think it's 'pretty' enough and you made a great purchase. It's full of detail and the anthro knobs look gorgeous!

  2. That piece is absolutely gorgeous! And, you did a wonderful job refurbishing it. Enjoy it for years to come. JAD

  3. I think the piece is fabulous. And I really like the redo.

    This would make a great post for my Time Travel party. Come check it out.

    By the way, I just joined you as a follower.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  4. Oh...I think its gorgeous. Great job and love the mirror over it. I love venetian mirrors too.

  5. Hi Patricia!
    Great job, it looks so beautiful:))
    I am your newest follower, come to visit my blog.
    Have a nice weekend, greetings from Europe, Biljana

  6. Hi Patricia! No way you made a very good decision - it is absolutely gorgeous and i am so jealous! Love the mirror you have hung above it. Great job!!

  7. Your dresser looks so pretty and I hope this one brings nothing but good memories!!

  8. I think it looks great and the piece itself is just beautiful! I love, love the new knobs you put on it too. take care, Maryann

  9. FaB ! LoVinG your handiwork!
    EnJoy the journey :)
    tea is on @ FHC ~ WELCOME everyone!