Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, January 23, 2012

A bit of Grey

I survived  the cold weather last week, one morning on my way to work it was -31 Celsius which is -23.8 Fahrenheit.  No matter how you say it it is just bloody freezing. 

Here in Canada, our spelling is grey (English), American is gray, anyway you spell it,  it can be so beautiful. 

A tabletop full of grey.

I love the pattern on this match box.  It's from Wellington (I'm sure that's a surprise!)

A mishmash of things that just work well together; shredded music, an angel wing from a broken angel ornament, a stunning picture of a rose resting against a small urn and base.

All of this set against a black and white picture of Paris which is scrap booking paper that I just thought was so beautiful.

What I love about this is how light and calming the grey is.

Until next time,


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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Dark Days of January

After a remarkably warm winter we are heading into cold cold weather.  I prepare by getting my house cozy & soft. 

(I changed my lamps around and added a few cushions)

Candle light provides a golden glow in the the dark.  My favourite candles are Voluspa.

(Voluspa French Cade Lavender from Anthropology)

Voluspa is always worth the money, the scent is fabulous & it's what Anthropology smells like.

I created a pale pink coffee filter lampshade to add to my new alabaster lamp.  I used 2 drops of red food colour in a large bowl of water, dunked each filter in and let it dry and voila!  pale pink

I altered the pattern on the bottom, laying it horizontally, and I'm not sure I love it yet.  Not really much I can do at the this point.  A pale pink pouf of spring to remind me it will return.

Long time readers know Sandy at My Shabby Streamside Studio was influential to me when I was down and now she needs your words of encouragement.  Sandy has had a particularly difficult run of bad luck & any positive words you could provide may help. 

Stay warm in the cold,

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Happy New Year!

 I travelled at Christmas and got home in time to go to the last day of Wellington's after Christmas sale.  I got a tiny little myrtle topiary which made  a little french corner on my marble table. Treasure hunting at Wellington always makes me happy.

 (The base of the urn is a little square pot from Walmart, painted with a magnet glued on.)

All I did was put together plants I already had together on the same table. 

 My Mom love Hermes scarves and I always wanted to give her one but it was not in my budget. I
 went into a local thrift store in early December and found.... a Hermes Scarf !

She was thrilled and this is the reason I love thrifting, you just never know what treasure is in there. 

We went to Arizona for Christmas and while there I went to an antique mall (travel for me always means hunting for antique's) and finally got to see a vintage mercury glass lamp.

Isn't it fabulous?? It's in perfect condition.  I fell in love but I couldn't figure out how to get it home without (god forbid) breaking it.  I had to settle for caressing it and letting it stay.  Seeing this picture is making me think I need it......

I also found another little treasure that made the trip home. 

This little ( but heavy) white alabaster was built to travel and it did.  I'm still working on a shade for it. 

I never know where I will find a treasure.

Keep Treasure Hunting,