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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, January 23, 2012

A bit of Grey

I survived  the cold weather last week, one morning on my way to work it was -31 Celsius which is -23.8 Fahrenheit.  No matter how you say it it is just bloody freezing. 

Here in Canada, our spelling is grey (English), American is gray, anyway you spell it,  it can be so beautiful. 

A tabletop full of grey.

I love the pattern on this match box.  It's from Wellington (I'm sure that's a surprise!)

A mishmash of things that just work well together; shredded music, an angel wing from a broken angel ornament, a stunning picture of a rose resting against a small urn and base.

All of this set against a black and white picture of Paris which is scrap booking paper that I just thought was so beautiful.

What I love about this is how light and calming the grey is.

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  1. How you put bits and bobs together is terrific. You are absolutely right..grey is calming.

  2. This is so pretty and I agree Grey/Gray is calming, we recently painted our bedroom in it and purchased a gray and white floral duvet set from Ikea and I'm slowly but surely getting our bedroom decorated in shades of white and gray, I'm loving it:)