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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Current Obsessions

I am currently really obsessed with a few things that I thought I should share.  I am amazed that when I go to Michael's I find so many things I want in the $1.50 bin ($1.00 US).  The cheap bin at Michael's never held my interest before but I think Rachel's products brought the standard way up. 

I love this little tag shaped notepad with music and a sweet little teapot.  There are lots of little accessories to go with including magnets that I'm still thinking about.

Rachel's clothespins from Michael's. I am in love with the colour & pattern.  I adore blue and pink, it's a great combination.

Fabulous little pale notepad.

I picked up some drawer lining paper at Michael's and used it as a background that compliments the little pin my daughter made for me when she was 7.  This paper as a background pops the pin and makes this little frame that I picked up at a garage sale look even better.  I leaned it in front of the Juicy Couture box that my ipad cover came in. When it arrived I don't know if I was happier with the ipad cover or the fact that the box was covered in crowns.

I discovered Loreal Million Lashes mascara a few weeks ago and it makes me happy.  No flaking, good looking lashes, no smudging. Fabulous product.

My friends at Wellington Garden Centre are currently in Paris at the gift show at the Maison d'Objet in Paris.  They are posting beautiful pictures on facebook  (Wellington Garden Centre) and this picture is being viewed by me daily.

The bed, and the pillow, the headboard... well it's all drool worthy.  They are bringing some white products back and I can hardly wait to see what they have.

I would love to hear what's obsessing you right now. 



  1. Great treasures you've found at Michaels. I never seem to luck out the same way. Imagine shopping in Paris ... a gal can dream, can't she?

  2. Everything I am obsessing about right now is stuff I have to make myself:) I love those Rachel clothespins--I need to get some of those. Thanks for sharing--I'll have to try the mascara!

  3. Time to get new mascara - thanks for the tip! I think I'll try it. :)