Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Long weekend fun

My daughter is in a flurry of making necklaces and bracelets with beads and other items so she suggested we go to the thrift store....... Yeah!! She' selling her product and is wildly obsessed  with it (hmmm, I wonder where she got wild obsessions  from!)

This was a long weekend and it was busy but I managed to find what I had been looking for for a while - a silver tray.

(with gloves & twinkle all ready)

I liked the lines of this one.  I had a beautiful ornate one but it was broken in my last move and I had been craving one for a while.  I wanted to make a little corner in the kitchen to feature my cute little sugar bowl which I always stick in the cupboard with regret.

A nice little corner in my kitchen.

I also noticed this great little picture of Paris which caught my eye.

It got added to my chalkboard frame for a change since we don't seem to be using the chalkboard.

After the thrift store we went to Michael's for beads.....twist my arm!  I found these wonderful knobs in the $1.50 section.

Then after polishing and playing with pictures and knobs I decided it was time to play with paper.  I love these Sid Dickens prints which I have shown before.

They seemed a little bland  and I thought they needed something, so I got out my scrapbooking paper ( I never scrapbook but I love the paper).

I love a long weekend because it gives me time to "play".  I work full time and as a single mom I don't have as much downtime as I used to. There's no one to take care of an errand for me or run out and pick up what I need.  I have a friend and her husband cleans her car, & fills it with gas - to me that is fabulous!  An extra day to play with my house made this a really great weekend.



  1. Glad you had a great weekend! You found some great things and I will definitely have to make a trip to Michael's!


  2. You certainly accomplished a lot on your long weekend. All your stuff looks beautiful. I too love scrapbook paper.

  3. I just discovered you blog and I'm so happy I did! I am trying to catch up on all your post and I am so in love with your bedroom:) I am actually purchasing the Leirvik bed from Ikea this week (can't wait!). Love what you did with the scrapbook paper in the picture frame, so pretty:) Great idea!