Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christian Lacroix

I have a sweet work friend who works at a flea market every weekend and when I went to visit her she had this beautiful Christian Lacroix lacy Evian Bottle.

It just suits a branch with flowers.

This is a difficult wall with the Furnace control, light switch,plastic panel and door bell box above all of that - really what could be uglier? But I move pretty items into the area to distract the eye from the ugly.

Flowers and a venetian mirror is just the prettiest combination. 

Enjoy the summer,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shabby Chic Vintage Ikea

It's always interesting to see the effect of Shabby Chic work it's way into mainstream manufacturing which was the case at Ikea recently. 

These amazing drapes are lined and are made of a heavy heavy cotton that feels like sateen. They instantly reminded me of finding vintage fabric that would be made into drapes. I spent time talking myself out of these because I don't need them, but don't they look like something you could buy at Rachel Ashwell's shop?

This lampshade (there are also hanging pendants like this) reminded me of projects found on the blogs of very talented women.  I'm debating if I should try to make this on my own.  It was just a wire frame with white fabric ruched and held in place.

Tucked in a corner were these vintage images of the Eiffel tower (in the snow - perfect for a Christmas card) Venice, Big Ben, Grand Central and a building in Sweden ( I have no idea which - sorry!) all with postage.  So perfect with a vintage feel.

I purchased three white frames.

& Voila!

Ikea impressed me with it's vintage turn.  There were a lot of other looks but these were my favourites.

Pink Peony from my garden with pink rocks in the base - too pretty.