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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, September 27, 2010

My Shabby Chic obsession

I adore Shabby Chic.  I discovered Shabby Chic about 15 years ago and fell instantly in love.  To help this love along I purchased a white couch.  I had my then 3 year old nephew with me and the saleswoman thought I was nuts but I didn't care, I had a white couch.

Then I had a baby and a white couch, not a problem, covers came off and everything washed up (except the pen she ran across the arm when she was 17 months old, that was harder to wash off).  Grape juice, marker, dirty feet and hands, all washed away.  I think it's the only way to have a couch and children, it's clean and can be cleaned.

My first ebay purchase in 1998 or 1999 was Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Treasure Hunting.  I still know people who will not shop ebay because they are afraid, but I have always had excellent sellers and never had a problem.

Then I discovered Rachel sold products at Target.  We don't have Target in Canada but when my Mom was in the states she took pics of Rachel's line and sent me presents!!  It started an obsession that started small,

and then it grew as ebay grew.

And grew.

I love it all.  She makes amazing products and I love how soft everything looks.  Once I tried to sell a house and my realtor wanted change.  So I tried it,

I tried it and liked it and played around with grey and black,

But I have always gone back to Shabby Chic.  It's timeless, workable, clean, bright and cozy.  It is a trend I still love,

and always will.  If you love this look I'm sure like me you have had a lot of people comment on how white it is.  I always hold my tongue when I go to their homes and never say how brown (shudder) it all is.

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  1. Dear Patricia: I must tell you - you do shabby chic well! All the photos of your home are so lovely! You have exquisite taste and I always enjoy your posts.

  2. I agree totally. I love Rachel's products. Her stuff at Target can't be beat. I feel terrible for you to learn that you have no Target in Canada! Shocking! I laughed out loud at your how brown statement. I know....I people can live in a world of brown is beyond me. Loved this post.

  3. Oh...I have bought many things for my home off ebay too. I've never ever had a bad transaction.

  4. Your home is beautiful! I think its so cruel that we dont have a Target here in Canada - when we went to the US for holidays this summer i think we went about 10 times - i loved it!!! Please please please Target come to Canada! Have a great week!

  5. I just started working at Target about a week or so ago. I was putting some sheets away which were part of Rachel's Shabby Chic collection. I've always been a fan of Shabby Chic stuff, but I never really knew where to get stuff (besides antique shops) However, working where they sell great stuff, I'm going to spend a paycheck before I even get it!!

    I'm one of those few who are a little intimidated by ebay I really should try it. (My grandma is a ebayaholic, how hard can it be?! haha)

  6. P.S. did you get your couch and chairs from ikea? I was looking into very similar ones.

  7. I love the shabby chic look and you have put it all together so beautifully. I also like what you did with the black and white. I'm going through that phase now, but like you, it seems I always go back to the shabby chic style. BTW...I love the black door, and perhaps my favorite part of your post...your comeback for our white homes...we don't comment how brown theirs are. I'm sure I'll be thinking about that from now on. Bravo! Sheilla

  8. Shabby Chic is always a great look in my BOOK!!


  9. Ha Ha~how brown indeed! Loved this post.

  10. I'm redoing my spare bedroom in shabby chic and asked my husband what he thought. He told me it was too white and looked like a bridal-ish or like a wedding rental store. que the crickets....I said really?! I've got cream/beige colored wall with white sheer curtains. That's ALL. No bedding or furniture yet. And I asked my best friend her opinion on some bedding I'm looking at and she picked a busy one because the room need color........I just want to shout "you don't get it people!"