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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

There is a hole

There is a hole in my living room.  It drives me nuts.  In about 2001 onward builders here in Alberta began to build a hole above the fireplace for your tv. It makes no sense because you sit on the couch with your chin to the sky to watch tv.  It is something I hate, plus there is the whole fireplace heating up the tv thing which also seems to make no sense.  Is this anywhere else?  Who thought this up? 

I spoke to my contractor $500.00 to break the mantle off (yes we have an itty bitty mantle but no fireplace - nada. This home was previously used as a rental so I guess they did it on the cheap.) and cover the hole.  The back of the hole has cable and and electrical outlet which has to be shut off. 

You can't mirror the open box because it would cover the electrical which is not allowed.  So... in order to work with it I painted it which helped a little. Then I put a painting in which my Mom did in 1974 and I have always loved.

I plugged the Ikea lamp into the electrical and added a mirrored stand underneath to throw the light around and added an orchid.  I adore orchids.  No fakes, just real ones.  When I purchased this a woman working in the store told me she had over 20 orchids!!  20 seems a bit much.

So here is the overall look. 

A tv has to be in the room.  There is only 1 living room and I searched and searched and could not find a flatscreen tv in white (over 32 inches).  It would look less obvious in white I know, but I'm still searching for a solution.  Brad Kitt says hi (he likes having his picture taken).

I picked up the cabinet at the Salvation Army.  I saw  it and drove home thinking about it all the way.  It was $48.00.  I slept on it and woke up knowing I had to go get it.  I arrived at the store and it was crazy busy, 1/2 price day.  I ran to the back and it was still there.  So I got it for $24.00 and it came with a mirror.  I painted it with Benjamin Moore Aura paint in Gardenia and then just spray painted the handles.  It is great for the tv and would be better if the tv was white, but I'm trying to work with it.

I'm living with it for now, hoping I get to really like it.  If I don't I can always call my contractor back......

Until next time, Patricia

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