Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking Back

After a few years of upheaval I am ready to look back and appreciate what I had. 

Last house Dining Room looking into the living room.  July and that Shabby Chic table cloth just go together.

A different angle of the dining room.  It was the first time I had purchased a paint colour I didn't like so I mixed my own and looking at it now I love the colour.  I did 2 opposite walls the blue and then left the other 2 white - sounds headache inducing but it worked.

I don't like to live with regret but really I should not have let this piece go.  I have no room for it now but it turned out beautifully. I let it go for a song.

Lovey.  (She is beside me as I write this having a bath) She just seems so suited to Shabby Chic. 

I loved these dark hardwood floors against the white but they were awful to keep clean.  Every footprint in the summer showed and I spent too much time washing the floor.

Looking back was fun.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peeking into Summer

Here in Alberta on the prairie spring is a slow arriving miracle.  It's been slow coming this year but today felt like summer may come soon.  It made me feel like brightening my home in preparation.

Two trips to Ikea, one with out a pot in sight and the second trip there was only one:

....and I made a beeline and grabbed it!  I have wanted this pot for a looonnnggg time and now I have it ... for less than $4.00.  It's beautiful iron lacy detail in white is what got me. 

With a maidenhair fern, so pretty.  I love a maidenhair fern, I killed mine in January by accident (I swear!) and had to wait until April to get another.  Give them some fertilizer, keep them moist and out of the sun and you will be rewarded with light green fronds that are delicate and lacy.

On this little white stand it brings a light spring feel to the room.

To keep with light I changed my cushions on the couch as well:

Rachel Ashwell Jubilee Pillow case.  When I'm on my couch I like to lounge with pillows that are soft.


It is a lovely pattern with light blue and pink.

After a day in the garden I'm ready to lounge.