Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking Back

After a few years of upheaval I am ready to look back and appreciate what I had. 

Last house Dining Room looking into the living room.  July and that Shabby Chic table cloth just go together.

A different angle of the dining room.  It was the first time I had purchased a paint colour I didn't like so I mixed my own and looking at it now I love the colour.  I did 2 opposite walls the blue and then left the other 2 white - sounds headache inducing but it worked.

I don't like to live with regret but really I should not have let this piece go.  I have no room for it now but it turned out beautifully. I let it go for a song.

Lovey.  (She is beside me as I write this having a bath) She just seems so suited to Shabby Chic. 

I loved these dark hardwood floors against the white but they were awful to keep clean.  Every footprint in the summer showed and I spent too much time washing the floor.

Looking back was fun.


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