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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Shabby Chic Bed

I love white duvet covers.  Have had them for years.  Once I got a cotton one for a dollar at a garage sale and used it for years.  I have tried other colours and I always go back to white. 

I used to have this bed:
A beautiful white sleigh bed (I was experimenting with beige and it didn't last a month)
Then I seperated and I decided I would take the bed with me.  It's queen size my room is not.  The day I discovered that it wouldn't fit was move in day.  It sort of all hit me on that day and I got the blues.  I couldn't see myself without my beautiful queen sleigh bed to crawl into. 
As I went to bed (in a blow up mattress) with the bed in pieces all around me I was searching for blogs and ran into  I had seen it a few months ago but not followed up on it.  I read the whole blog and it inspired me and changed my thinking.  Sandy had created a beautiful bedspace in the loft that was no more than a beautiful duvet and a blowup bed.  It made me realize I could create a beautiful space for myself that would fit the dimensions of the room.  I felt so liberated I carried the bed to the garage and put it on Kijiji. As well I wrote Sandy to thank her and she was kind enough to write back!!
I looked all over for a double bed ( Double gave me more room), for weeks and then I settled for a basic flat bed at Ikea.  I was shopping and discovered I could get a prettier bed for a better price and it was the Leirvik.  Ornate and painted cream - aaahhhh!! 
Here it is in progress

and here it is now

I adore it, I adore my Rachel Ashwell Duvet that I coveted for years (and have to spend 45 minutes ironing).  It's mine, it's peaceful, it's calming it's everything I wanted and on move in day thought I would never create.  I had no idea Ikea would make me so happy. 
I have a small room, I look out the window onto other condo's and I love it.  What do you think of the picture above the bed, remove it or keep it?
Quick story, in 2006 my family and I went to California.  I agreed to everything (even space mountain) and asked for only one thing, to go to Shabby Chic.  All I wanted.  Could have added on PomPom and Bountiful, but for me Shabby Chic was mecca.  One day we rented a car and drooovvvveee and finally found it.  I walked in and it was amazing, white settee in the window and a white bed in the other.  The bed had the same cover on it I now have.  It was stunning.  The place was so calming, the couches were so comfy and the fabric was amazing.... but the prices were high, I was mindful of the budget and purchased nothing.  I could kick myself now but it was a different mindset for me then.  But..... I should have at least purchased the gorgeous matches!!
Anyway, now I have a beautiful bedroom.  I adore it.  It's coming together and beginning to work for me.  The paint is soft muslin (Behr) in CIL voc free high gloss paint.
Until Next Time, Patricia - Part 2 of my Shabby Chic Bed Story can be found at:


  1. Patricia,

    My heart bursts with joy for you! Look at what you've done! You're a natural when it comes to decorating and vignettes.

    I'll definitely keep you in mind if I ever get to Canada, and I'm following your pretty blog!



    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  2. Wow. Gorgeous! Sandy has provided amazing inspiration for certain and you made it work for you! Awesome. Hard to say about the pic above the bed. Perhaps sharing a full room shot?


  3. I love how you have decorated your room! I have the same bed and love it, just wondering where you got the bedskirt? I have been looking for one to fit the Leirvik forever!

  4. Hi. Beautiful room! I also would like to know where you got the bedskirt. I have the same bed as you, and the middle steel base holding up the bed makes it hard to use a bedskirt without cutting it. Please do tell! Thank you!! :)

  5. Yes, please tell us where you got the bedskirt! I need one for my daughter's Leirvik bed, and I can't figure out how it will fit around the footboard. Thanks!

  6. The bed skirt is Rachel Ashwell for Target queen size. I have doubled it and ruched the middle to make it fit. Yes, the ruching occurs for me at the end of the bed, drove me nuts, but now I ignore it. I look at it this way, when I walk into the room I see the side of the bed not the end. I will post a pic, on this. Patricia :)

  7. The room looks beautiful!
    Just wondering where the bedside tables are from? They're so beautiful and antique looking. I love everything about the room, and the picture frame goes lovely.

  8. Pls tell me how u managed to add a bed skirt with the mid beam in the center...

  9. This is exactly the bed I wanted to buy for several months as I see it in your room, I am convinced I chose well :-) And I love your pillows!!! Ahhh...sweet dreams! :-)

  10. Oh and I have a bed skirt from Ikea- it is only a queen size so I purchased two to make it fit ;-) The frame is adorable!

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