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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Glamming up

I moved back to Alberta from Ontario a few months ago and in Ontario they have a garbage idea I like.  If they don't want something they put it on the street for someone to pick up and it's free.  Loved that.  My Mom was moving and we were clearing out her garage when she put a small plastic container on the street.  It held all her bike repair equipment.  I kept looking at it and 24 hours later I took it off the pile and gave it a home.
I like it, it had potential and it holds all my cords

But it is bland.  I need fancy for my desk so I started hunting for an idea.  I discovered I couldn't change the knobs, even a power drill wouldn't release them.  So I thought some more and then I went shopping and got these on sale,

Ugly I know, but I didn't want the yellow flowers, I wanted the bling.  I took the bling off the flowers (it was sewn on) and then glued the bling onto the drawer knobs with crazy glue designed for metal.  Here are  the results:

Here it is all together,
I love it!! Glams up my desk.

Until next time, Patricia

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