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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Front door change and stairs

I'm reading comments from my previous post and yes it breaks my heart that we don't have Target here.  Every time Target talks about coming into Canada I get so excited (I would love to buy some of Rachel's furniture) and then it always falls through.  My daughter has loved Target from a very young age.  Before we hit Disneyland in California we hit Target  ..... for food of course... and a pretty pink Shabby Chic dish for Lovey (our cat).

As I mentioned before I live in a condo.  This is the first condo I have ever been in with some style and they let you paint your front door - forward thinking.  This is what I started with,

Oops, Pear Cooler ( my favourite!!) in the picture. But this door is fine, I have always had a white door but this one cried out for something different.  The siding is pale creamy beige. There are green, burgundy, grey and black doors here in the complex but I thought it needed glossy black.

It was worth inhaling stinky paint to get this high gloss effect.  I used Tremclad high gloss black.  I think it looks great with the furniture and I painted the finials in the same high gloss.

I don't normally like black but this works for me.  The fall wreath will stand out (did not want to put it on yet, the door is still a bit wet), any white Christmas wreath will be gorgeous.  It is so unlike anything I have ever done and the effect is dramatic, I like it a lot.

As well last week we painted the stairs.  Our contractor was kind enough to rip the dirty beige carpet out which left the stairs looking like this:

So he made them look like this:

Which is mdf and trim.  He did an amazing job but it still needed to be painted.  I have painted stairs and railings before (job before took 7 days straight!) and it is the sort of job you don't look forward to.  So with urethane on the wood, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of floor paint it now looks like this.

Much better.  And now if I could get someone to help paint the high walls in the stairwell it would be perfect.  We're getting there.

Until next time,


  1. Hi Patricia:
    The black door looks very classy - great selection. Your stairs look fab. too but it does look like an awful lot of work. That is one steep staircase. Never having been to a Target - I don't know what I'm missing! Have a terrific day.

  2. Oh how I wish my HOA would let me paint my front door! Yours look fabulous!

    m ^..^

  3. I am in Canada too! I know I wish there was Target here as well, and they wont ship to Canada. ( Cross Border shopping here we come!) Your door and stairs look amazing..

  4. If your aim were to make the front door stand out, Patricia, then you've done really well. The high gloss effect is a great idea! It added an ounce of sophistication to the overall exterior of your house, so I give you two thumbs up for that. But, you know what really won me over? The Eiffel Tower! :)