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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Friday, September 3, 2010

shabby coffee table

Years ago I picked up a coffee table at an auction and it was requested that I not paint it so I tried to work it into my decor..... oh boy did I try,
This was in my previous living room and I tried and tried to make it work. In some ways it sort of matched the fireplace but it was still not at potential. Since it had 3 large square stains on the top I had a mirror cut to fit. A mirror is amazing on a table because it reflects candles, flowers, glass.  It works because my daughter was past the play dough phase. 

I tried but it still didn't work so I painted it.

The move was a little rough on it so I just re-painted it.  I love the detail on this little table.

I get restless with decor sometimes and change a few things out but this table is never one of the things on the list to go.

It is a perfect shabby chic coffee table.


  1. It certainly is a perfect shabby chic coffee table! It's beautiful. Painting it really allows the details to shine and adding the mirror was a brilliant idea. Your living room is very pretty!

  2. Your entire living room is unspeakably cute! I love it.... The mirror is a great idea!