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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sometimes I get carried away

When I lived in Ontario I went to a funky antique shop that I loved, Lilly's Antiques, set in a log cabin .   It was only open a few days a week and it always  has great stuff. I went into it last fall and found a dirty clock box with no clock which had no love for years. I bought it because I could see potential. I have scoured through my pictures and cannot find the before pic probably due to the fact that I changed computers, so sorry but picture black, dirty and stinky.

 It needed a clock face so I looked for a clock face in Michael's but none fit, so I painted it and waited for a solution. My Mom brought me over a Marjolein Bastin clockface that could be cut to fit. Once I  got the clock in I went a little crazy.

I surrounded the clock face with a faux pearl frame and then added a bling bracelet from Claire's.  I liked the bling so I added more!!  It has dollar store earrings on it, 1 vintage button and another bling bracelet that I cut and then pasted on.  I used Crazy Glue for metal, which worked great as every piece of bling stayed on through the move. 

The decorative elements in the four corners were on when I purchased it and the lid opens for easy access to the battery and a wee bit of storage.  I wanted something nice on the lid so I started looking for inspiration.  It came from a thrift store that was selling old Chambord Bottles (Raspberry Liquer from France, just went on their web-site and they changed the lid to just a normal one).  I have had a little crazy thing for crowns for over a year now, so it had to get added to the clock:

I was a little hesitant to give it a permanent home, but I love it on the box now. 
Then I was looking at it all and decided to cover the back.  The wood was rough and the sanding and paint job just barely covered it so I covered it in a piece of scrapbook paper from Michael's so that it would look beautiful from either side.
Then I added 1 piece of the bracelet bling onto the clock mechanism without even realizing it would move.  It is a flower shape and all day it turns around catching the light. 
At first I was unsure of this overly blinged up clock and I put it in places where it wasn't noticeable but now it has grown on me and I love it.  I think because it is essentially white, cream and silver it works. 
Sorry, I only have a 4mg camera so the picutres could be better. 



  1. Your clock is adorable! I love the bling. What a great idea using bracelets to surround the clock face! Thanks for the super ideas! Regards, Sheilla

  2. Beautiful clock. I love the bling of the bracelets and faux pearls!

  3. I LOVE YOUR CLOCK!! It makes me happy to look at it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so pretty, love it, love it, love it!!! one of the best projects I have seen in a while! my kinda style :)

  5. really pretty! your pics don't do it justice! i can see how lovely it is.