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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A nice change

Isn't paint wonderful?  Such a difference it can make.  We started out with flat brown walls with spots of paint ideas.  We contemplated grey, what a difficult colour.  Grey sometimes looks blue and lavender.  We finally settled on a creamy white.  High Gloss.  I know, many people cringe and say it will show all the imperfections.  What they don't tell you is it makes lamp light glooowww, candles are brighter and chandeliers sing.

with my $5.00 dresser

We are still in the process of getting it together.  Today I will begin painting the brown cabinet.    In the kitchen there is a wall that is open and after painting it needed something on it.  At homesense I found this ugly piece,
 UGH, never seen such a horrid combination of colours on such a pretty piece.  I painted it with a mix of colours, mostly a light grey and the result is beautiful.
This piece works well to distract from the electrical plug in and the phone etc.  Not bad for an ugly piece. 

Getting it all together is still a work in progress, but it makes it so nice to come downstairs to light and bright.  We are still working on some elements.  We have a hole above what should have been a fireplace.  No fireplace, just a hole.  With electricity which cannot be covered.  I hate these things, too high for a tv too recessed for anything.  I will provide pictures and show our solution.  More work to do, gotta go.

Until next time, Patricia

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  1. I find this piece very beautiful and shabby chic both ways- before and after painting....simply love it :-) You have a great eye for such finds!