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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas at Wellington a.k.a Heaven on Earth!

I had the pleasure of going to Wellington Gift and Garden this weekend and they have their Christmas displays up.  You may be familiar with my obsession with this shop from , or you may be new to this but I promise you will become obsessed as well.  If you see anything you like their website is: and if your American your dollar is worth more here!!

Anyway, enough sales pitch (I think I want to make sure they are around forever), here is the entrance to the store:

Just inside the door a table of mercury glass made me giddy.

Then I saw this:

I adore Trumeau mirrors and this one is stunning.  Due to the lights it's hard to see the beautifully faded picture on top but the whole thing is one of a kind.  I love the cherubs with Noel under them as well.

This is a whole tree in an urn, sorry the pic. turned out badly but it is a sight to see.
Wellington has Christmas tree's displayed but it's what they have done without using the standard Christmas tree that was so......... enchanting.  Made me rethink a tree, but then I only have a white tree so I guess I'm not doing the standard green either.

I love the black crows and the ice.

Then I discovered the pink mercury glass section. 

This is beautiful,

As is this clock and mirror.

This was my favourite display.

I love this statue on a table.  I have a big vintage urn, if I had high ceilings I would probably do this. 

I like the Christmas dude in the crown.

I have seen Christmas displays before but none rival this.  I think Wellington does an amazing job at any season but their Christmas display tops them all. 

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  1. Wow! It all looks so creative and beautiful.


  2. Oh yeah, I agree, Heaven on Earth! I've visited their site and all of their items are GORGEOUS (but expensive)! Looks like a great place to visit for inspiration!

  3. OMG Mercury Glass? that is my new most favorite thing - now i must get to Wellington - i've actually never been there in the winter so i am very excited to stop in for a visit! You reminded me how much i love Wellington Garden Centre - i always leave with something even if its just a bar of soap - its not just soap its absolutely gorgeous and my friends and family have been told not to use it lol Thats a little crazy isn't it??? Take care!