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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pretty Little Things

It's almost March and I was out shovelling again today.  It's been a long winter and the prettiness of spring beckons.  Yesterday I went to West Edmonton Mall and looked at everything.  It looks like spring will be pretty.  The stores are filled with pink and cream flower pins, pink floral scarves and pale pink shoes.  It's all lovely.

I think if you like shabby chic you are a romantic who likes to dress the way you feel and this is the year for romance.  The Gap is doing ruffled tank tops, pale light pink sweaters,

and romantic ballerina shrugs.

I purchased both of these this weekend.  This year feels like the year I can finally find the romantic pieces I have been looking for.  I believe Anthropologie created this move to romance for retailers.  I adore Anthro but I cannot afford their clothes. Why is everything more expensive in Canada?

I went to Anthro yesterday too.  It is the most creative store, with changing window displays all the time.  I was in with my daughter a few months ago and the sales girl mentioned that they have interns creating all the extra details that you see in there.

I saw a beautiful spring dress yesterday in Anthro called the Tuileries Dress, you should try to find it online, it says spring and it's charming.

This post is short as I misplaced my camera for a few weeks.  I'm back on track today and promise to get up and running. 

Thanks for your patience,


  1. I'm so glad more romantic looking tops are back in style, along with longer lines. I love that "bit of ruffle" sweater!

  2. I'm so glad romantic is back ~ I love the feminine look ~ don't you?...LOVE IT Yay ;-)