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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing With My Big Toy

Sounds funny, I know but that's what my Mom  calls it when you clean your slipcovers and move around your accessories.  My Mom also moves furniture a lot but I never do.

Last weekend it was time to play, and it started with cleaning the slipcover on my ektorp chair.  I only have one trick for slipcovers.

Rubber gloves.  If you any other way to make it easier please let me know!  This is a job that hurts the hands but has to be done.  I find the gloves provide the grip on the fabric. 

 I wash (cold water, smidgen of bleach) and then put the cover for the piece of furniture on wet and then with the gloves on smooth out the wrinkles. It's hard work and the fabric is unyielding but it gives an amazing result.

I wait until the covers are air dried then I put the pillows in.  It's always worth the effort and it's why I love slipcovers.

Lovey seems to be asking when she can jump on it.

I picked up some beautiful tea light holders at Anthropoligie ( I registered with them months ago and they sent a charming little fabric cardholder with a 15% off coupon) a few weeks ago and I love the pink colour.  I wanted to use them on a sconce so I switched the ones I had out and added a pair of venetian sconces that have been under my bed for a few months. 

I added a mercury glass ball with an opening and paper roses of the palest pink.  I like the look.

  At night it's beautiful.

I use pale pink tri light bulbs in my living room and bedroom ( I think Phillips makes some) they create a beautiful glow.

I picked up the velvet pillow at Urban Outfitter's on sale.  I should have purchased another because I went back and they are all gone.

After all this work I lit the candles,

sat back and enjoyed the results.

Enjoy your weekend, and if you have a slipcover trick let me know, I'll post them so we can all learn a better way.
Have fun playing with your big toy, light the good candles and enjoy the results.

Until next time,


  1. the gloves are an excellent idea! thanks so much! have a lovely weekend...

  2. So pretty. I am glad that you told us how you put your slip covers back on after washing. Very helpful. Hop on over to my blog for my pillow giveaway that would look great in your space.

  3. I never would have thought of rubber gloves, Patricia! Your slipcover looks as good as new. Your mirror arrangement looks so romantic. ;)

  4. Good idea with the gloves. Ive made the mistake of drying mine completely dry, then not being able to get them on at all, lol. Lesson learned. I'll never do that again!