Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little things

When my daughter  Julia was little she always loved little things.  We would go to a garage sale and she came home with little dice, little brooches, little books.  She just loved anything little (I think she also discovered that a sweet little face can get you free stuff at garage sales!).  It opened my eyes to the beauty of  little things. 

One day I was in an antique shop and my Mom was looking at drawer pulls when I saw a large one and realized it would be a beautiful lamp finial.

Then a few weeks ago I saw this sitting in a group of small items at an antique sale.

I think it's an old door handle.

I also picked up a little shiny something that day, and I like it on my lampshade.

Last year I could not stop thinking about an old empty bottle of Chambord that I saw in a thrift store.   I finally purchased it and then used the tiny piece that had enchanted me,

to finish my clock.

There really is something about little things being the final needed touch.

Tiny is lovely.

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