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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Rachel Ashwell Fabric Samples

On ebay sometimes you can find Rachel Ashwell fabric samples for sale.  Over a decade ago I purchased my first group of fabrics and got my favourite:

Bella Rose Pink. 

A creamy pink perfection. 

Last summer I got a lot of light and bright pinks.

I loved the stripes and tiny patterns. Because these are fabric samples they usually come with grommets on 2 corners. It's the size and the grommets that make them problematic but I knew it would work.

I used small pillows, put the grommets on the bottom (which is open), sewed with gusto and created a oasis of lovely on my desk chair.

I love the detail on the floral pillow.

A couple of weeks ago there was another set of fabric samples on ebay, for $9.00.  Buying these gets me a Rachel look at a fraction of the price, so I purchased.

I'm still loving blue and wanted to see Jubilee white pink (which has touches of blue) and blue sprinkles in my living room.
For these, the front panel is the same (with the grommet taken off - easy with tweezers - everything works when you are using tweezers) and then the back piece  of fabric is cut in half with the finished edge being used as both sides of the opening. I like using these samples because it creates a pillow with 2 different fabrics.

I made both pillows with an opening on the reverse side.  For $9.00 I got two great additions to my living room.  I can't get a beautiful cover for that price anywhere.

When I went to put my beautiful pillows on my couch I took off my chenille cover off the couch to wash.  I noticed when it was laying on the ground that the back of the cover was...interesting and different.

After a wash it looked fantastic.  It has a beautiful texture, seems more springlike and the back enhanced the floral and leaf pattern. If you read decorating mags they are always talking about adding texture, yah yah, I thought, now I realize they are right.  It contrasts beautifully with the pale floral pillows, looks warmer and feels comfier.

All this work gave me a chance to sit back and enjoy my treat to myself.

I was born and live on the prairies and even if you have never been you have to look at this beautiful book.  Fifi O'Neill was born in Paris but grew up here in Canada on the prairies.  She is the editor for Romantic Country but this book has a more restrained look than most of the homes in the magazine.  The homes are beautiful and cozy.  It is beautiful inspiration. 

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  1. Oh my ~ what lovely fabric. The pillows are asolutely gorgeous. My copy of Fifi's book is on it's way. I can't wait~! ;-)

  2. The fabric is gorgeous and I love how your pillows have turned out! What a great idea ... purchasing samples! I have not been able to put down Romantic Prairie Style ... FAB book!

  3. Nice pillow work there. I won't recognize the house! There is a chair in an antique store in Sand Point that I will revisit today, just in case. It would look nice in white with a new seat, has the traditional "harp" back and nicely curved legs. Maybe.....

  4. So jealous! Love that fabric! I am visitng from WW at Faded Charm and am your newest follower! Hope you'll come visit me soon at Shabby, Chic & Charming.

  5. So pretty....If you know of an upscale fabric store that carries her sample books, they will give you the books when the print is discontinued! There's nothing like little pretty pillows around the home!

    Stop by for a chance to win some vintage linen

  6. Sooo gorgeous! I am adoring the mix of these fabrics!

    I hope you'll come back and relink this in the craft and sewing area on SNS. I'll need to remove this from the burlap linkup. Sorry!


  7. Hi Patricia glad to meet a fellow Canadian. Love all the florals. I am your newest follower and I hope you can pop on by my blog. I am currently featuring a Shabby chic Home (Euro French shabby chic) from Montréal, Quebec.