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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

White cherubs

Two weeks ago I went with Linda at to an antique shop in Stony Plain.  I had never been and it was large and packed full.  So much to see and love.  I saw a marble table and fell head over heels.  I shouldn't though, I have a boat load of marble tables in the house (White marble is lovely). Could you have left it in the store?

There are little cherubs on the bottom.  It is all so romantic.  The marble looked bad and I wasn't sure if I could save it.

The only way to know was to pull it apart.  I really wanted to get to the little piece of marble on top of the cherubs and clean it.

It was so easy, I unscrewed a bolt on the bottom and pulled it apart like an old lamp.  I discovered on the back of the little piece of marble the 3 words I love.

Made in Italy!! Could be just the marble or the whole piece, I will never know.  I scrubbed the dirty marble with water and a tiny but of method dish soap.  It was so dirty.

Yuck.  I painted the metal with a brush and CIL enamel paint.  It worked perfectly.  Spray paint is quick but it's too cold right now and the smell is awful for a few weeks.

It was worth the time.

The marble cleaned up so much better than I thought it would, it actually still has a sheen on it now.  It's a tiny table, not really fitting with today's higher furniture, but that's fine with me. 

I paired it with my favourite mercury glass bowl (found shoved on a shelf for under $5.00 at Homesense, I love it) which is filled with white coral from the Caymen Islands.  My daughter loved to pick it up on the shore and I loved it because it was white and we hunted for it  together. My favourite vintage alabaster lamp and a bubble glass ball.

It's a charming corner of treasures.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Your marble table has been totally transformed into a goregous treasure and I love the vignette you put together on top of it! That little table is a great find!

  2. Wow, that looks fantastic! That is my kind of table:) I love how you hung that white mirror by your window, so pretty!!

  3. What a great find! I didn't know you lived in Alberta - how fun! I was born in Calgary and lived there until 1994.

  4. Patricia it turned out amazing! Doesn't even look like the same table. It was so funny how you tried to convince yourself you didn't need another marble table but you shopped with the wrong person that day if you wanted me to talk you out of it - i pretty much encouraged it like crazy. I'm so glad you got it - it looks perfect with all your items on it. I had so much fun shopping with you that day - we have to do it again very soon. Hope your having a good week. Talk soon!

  5. Her makeover looks outstanding!