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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Shabby Chic Rescue

I blame this.

This beautiful aqua pillow.  It got me loving aqua and in turn thinking I needed to add it to ........ something. 

A few weeks ago I showed my painted dresser project

I love it but the overall effect has been so white.  I noticed this when I took a picture of my daughter in vibrant colours and the room behind her glowed white. I thought adding colour to the dresser would work.  I thought I would add a bit of wallpaper ( could not find any I like),  those wall sticky things (never any in my taste ) and then I decided to look for a stamp of a damask pattern (which was no where), then I looked for a damask stencil.  Aargh! Nothing.

Then that damn beautiful pillow made me think I needed aqua and off to Home Depot I went.  This is what I did.

And this,

I sat down to look after I was done and realized it was a green not blue aqua.  It grated on me for the entire 6 days it lasted (It was wrong because I  have no greens here, blues, grays, pinks but no green.  There may be a reason for that, green never seems to work for me).

Yesterday I was by Michael's so I thought I would check for a damask stamp, but no.  Then I thought maybe I would look for wrapping paper and see if anything there would work.

A Shabby Chic Rescue!!  Treasures by Shabby Chic gift wrap.  Huh. 

I looked at it and realized I could make it work. 

I like the grey and white almost damask pattern and decided the grey would be a definite improvement over the green.  I applied it with mod podge

I repainted all the green pale grey.  It was exactly what it ( and I ) needed.

To me the grey looks french and subtle.

It is my little corner of France.

My favourite candle holder.  Once a weigh scale (like a justice weight),  it was my first garage purchase, .50 cents.  I pulled it apart, glued it together in a more appealing combination, then silver leafed it.  The crystals are from the grocery store.  

I like this all so much better.  It was a lesson I needed to learn.

No more green. 

Until next time

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  1. LOL ... well we are alike in that we know what we like and won't stop until we get it ! I love green though, and while I do love aqua, turquoise and blue greens not so much blue blue.
    Love the dresser.

  2. Oh...I love this. I didn't know there was shabby chic gift wrap. Where have I been? How fabulous that you added it to this dresser. Love it. Thanks for linking up at Mod Mix Monday!

  3. Love love LOVE how you toned down the white with that beautiful paper...pure genius...FABULOUS result!!