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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Frenchy Bathroom

We only have one full bathroom in this condo so it gets a lot of use.  It has been looking better since it was painted, but it was missing something.

 I found something last weekend at Homesense.

$16.00 on sale and exactly the design pow this bathroom needed.  After ironing I put it up and it was perfect.

The punch of black in a beige bathroom was exactly what it needed.  I already had some frenchy items in the bathroom so it just tied it all together.

I store makeup remover pads and q-tips here and I love that they are hidden and it looks girly.

I found a clock in the fall that I colourwashed with grey matte paint mixed with water which gives it a milk paint look.

I love a clock in the bathroom, and this one was a nice frenchy find but it needed a final touch. 

I had a fleur-de-lis pin that just needed to be on the clock.

I love the splash of black in here.


 The new towel rod, from the restore now fits here.  It has all come together so easily, and this little beige bathroom finally has some style and design focus.

I think the big part of reworking a room is finding the one item that gives it a wow. The shower curtain brought together a bunch of disparate items, gave it the wow and make it shine.  It is a hit, I know this  because even my teenager is working to keep it clean. 

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  1. i love it...every room needs that touch of black. i also think the addition of red is a neat trick too. just a little surprise of red, i do it all the time!
    you've got the room looking really pretty!

  2. I practically live at HomeSense. I love that place. Great find and great job. My powder room looks similar to your main bath. Not quite so feminine though because it is my Dad's primary bathroom as he lives with us.