Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Paint brush blues

I'm restless to get my hands on a paintbrush and make some changes.  I have a plan and just want to implement it. 

Right now I want to change my dining room area (still no luck on kijiji yet) and I love the look of this.

but I don't have the room. 

I want to find a dresser for my teenage girl and make it into this.

Although if it came down to it, I'm not sure I can do this.

I want a pretty little storage area.

But I don't want the baby that goes with this look!! 

I wait, I dream and I become inspired.

It's just a matter of waiting.

Until next time,

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Happy Easter to each and every one of you. 

Spring is a time of changes and we have some happening inside as well.  I have posted previously on my china cabinet that I picked up in Ontario and when delivered had a date on it of 1902 or1908 (hard to read, but it's there).

(wonky picture, sorry)

It's a lovely piece, but toooooo big.  I purchased it when I wasn't sure where I would live.  It takes up a lot of room in a small open concept living room dining room area. Now it's on kijiji and I wait for a buyer who will love it.

I have an idea to rework the whole area and just yesterday packed a great find into my pt cruiser.  I won't reveal it yet, but it has amazing potential. 

When I grew up my Mom was always moving furniture around.  I redecorate with all the accessories, lamps, pillows and mirrors.   The inspiration to change drives me as I'm sure it does you.  So as soon as a buyer arrives change will begin in the dining room. 

Until next time,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random wonders.

I work for a realtor who does some home flipping.  I went to see the most recent home and loved it, he got a real diamond in the rough. While we were going through I looked out the back door and saw a bed frame in the garden.  I asked and it was mine! There was a lot of snow, so I had to wait for some melting before I could see it up close.

After some melting, I dug it out of the snow and lugged it to the garage.  It needs a cleaning.  When I first thought of it I envisioned it in the garden with sweet pea's climbing up.  When I got up close my thoughts turned to making a rustic daybed, which I don't really have any room for.  It's missing the finials, which I could probably replace.

I don't have a bed frame base, but I can probably get on that too.

What I loved about it is the rustic details.

It's blue, which I could work with.

(blue crown jar filled with shells and brain coral, collected with my little girl.  Well..... when she was little. Now she's 15 with pink hair.  She's my very own Easter chick)

I dream of blue & white linens on a daybed and a great afternoon nap.

Until next time,

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Last year I found a brass lamp outside in the rain on the porch of an antique shop, I asked for it and the owner thought I was crazy.  She charged me $10.00 and I painted it pink.

I woke up the other morning, looked at it and thought, "Why the hell did I paint it pink??!!"  Inspiration come at weird times, and yes those are gray crystals hanging from it.

I decided it needed gray.

Stonington Gray.  From when we were trying to pick a paint colour last year.  It is a beautiful pale french gray but on our walls it just looked purple.  It  does not look purple on my lamp. It looks more greige.

This lamp is large, heavy & it dominates the room. From base to tip it's 33 1/2 inches   Suddenly I knew I needed a new shade for this look so off to Homesense I went.  I couldn't find a shade, walked out with nothing... but inspiration.  I got another moment of inspiration while looking at proper, common lampshades which I realized was the last thing this lamp needed.

I was looking at (if you have ever been a mother to a little girl, go look at this beautiful blog, it will remind you of your little girl when you dressed her up), and she was demonstrating how to do a ruffled lampshade:  so I tried it and it was an epic fail.  I don't know why, maybe the fabric was too wide, too thick (it was linen), it just was awful.  But I realized I was trying too hard to make ruffles and instead I took a long piece of linen and folded and sewed until I created a soft lampshade cover. It's not stunning, it's not perfect but the effect is exactly what I needed.

I am thrilled with it's new look. It's softness is inspiring.

I live in Northern Alberta and the snow is melting at top speed.  The sun is out at full blaze and the light is inspiring me all the time. (we get really long hours of sun here and by June 21 we only get about 5 hours of dark. All this light is addictive) Who knows what I'm going to wake up thinking next week. 

Until next time,

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is the first weekend that felt like spring.  The sun is shining, the large amounts of snow are melting and I got inspired to make my house feel like spring. 

It started with the opening of Wellington.  Wellington is closed from January until the end of March and I was thrilled.  They have an antique garden urn from Versailles!!  It is beautiful and I got to touch it.  If I had a lot of cash lying around I would be showing it, but it is beyond my budget. 

I didn't walk out empty handed.  I bought a small garden urn for my coffee table.  It is a soft colour & will fit a small plant. Right now some it's holding some eggs.

I can't bring myself to take the tag off yet.

I found the eggs in a dollar store about 4 years ago.  Just iridescent glass with a coloured feather inside. 

I noticed while getting organized for spring my myrtle was looking a little..... well crazy.

Haircut time!  Myrtles can have a trim back to their topiary shape without any harm.  The leaves smell like lemon scented pine trees when cut. The result is always worth it.

I made the mistake when I was getting groceries at Walmart to go into the greenhouse.  I don't need another plant but I couldn't leave it there.

It says spring.

Such a beautiful pink.  So perfect together.

I hope you felt like spring is coming this weekend too.  If it snows tomorrow (god forbid!) it will feel like spring inside.

Until next time,