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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Happy Easter to each and every one of you. 

Spring is a time of changes and we have some happening inside as well.  I have posted previously on my china cabinet that I picked up in Ontario and when delivered had a date on it of 1902 or1908 (hard to read, but it's there).

(wonky picture, sorry)

It's a lovely piece, but toooooo big.  I purchased it when I wasn't sure where I would live.  It takes up a lot of room in a small open concept living room dining room area. Now it's on kijiji and I wait for a buyer who will love it.

I have an idea to rework the whole area and just yesterday packed a great find into my pt cruiser.  I won't reveal it yet, but it has amazing potential. 

When I grew up my Mom was always moving furniture around.  I redecorate with all the accessories, lamps, pillows and mirrors.   The inspiration to change drives me as I'm sure it does you.  So as soon as a buyer arrives change will begin in the dining room. 

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  1. Happy Easter. Love that piece ~ just beautiful. ;-)