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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random wonders.

I work for a realtor who does some home flipping.  I went to see the most recent home and loved it, he got a real diamond in the rough. While we were going through I looked out the back door and saw a bed frame in the garden.  I asked and it was mine! There was a lot of snow, so I had to wait for some melting before I could see it up close.

After some melting, I dug it out of the snow and lugged it to the garage.  It needs a cleaning.  When I first thought of it I envisioned it in the garden with sweet pea's climbing up.  When I got up close my thoughts turned to making a rustic daybed, which I don't really have any room for.  It's missing the finials, which I could probably replace.

I don't have a bed frame base, but I can probably get on that too.

What I loved about it is the rustic details.

It's blue, which I could work with.

(blue crown jar filled with shells and brain coral, collected with my little girl.  Well..... when she was little. Now she's 15 with pink hair.  She's my very own Easter chick)

I dream of blue & white linens on a daybed and a great afternoon nap.

Until next time,


  1. Wow, what a great score that was! It's so lovely in its chippy whiteness:) Your cat looks soooo comfy on that pillow!

  2. What a wonderful find!! A daybed would be wonderful, but it would look beautiful in the garden too. I enjoyed your comment about your very own Easter chick. I have a 15yo daughter too. No pink hair though :-) One of my favorite decorating accents are blue jars filled with shells.

  3. I vote rustic daybed. What a great find!

  4. Patricia ~ that is absolutely fabulous and for free ~ how could it get any better? ;-)

  5. What a beautiful bed frame!! I can't believe it was free!!!

  6. The possibilities are endless but with your imagination and creativity ... TO BE CONTINUED! xox

  7. Wonderful find. I love the bed. The details are beautiful.