Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, September 5, 2011

French Beauty

I was thinking this week that I may not live large or grandly but I do live beautifully and isn't that what we should strive for? 

That being said if I had a home with high ceilings this would fit perfectly!!  I walked into Wellington Gift and Garden  and in a small cottage was this beautiful piece.  It towered over me. it must be almost 9 feet.  I tried to capture the whole piece but I missed the top. 

Louise XV Armoire with the key $4500.00. 

I had seen it in a large tent before but in this small quiet space it was just the most exquisite piece of furniture I have ever seen.

Even the hardware took my breath away.

Wellington is a calming, inspiring haven, a bit of heaven in Edmonton.

I am in a gray phase, I can't get enough. The leaves were blowing in the background and created what looks like a stormy backdrop.

Wellington Garden Centre is on facebook and if you like them you will be rewarded with beautiful pictures.

They are having a sale Saturday, September 10th  from 10-6 for Garden Club Members and if only my budget matched my dreams! 



  1. Beautiful piece of furniture and also great pictures!

  2. Oh goodness! What do I love more? The heart topiary, the armoire, or the fountain? Lovely!!


  3. Everything here is just yummy luscious! I love the French/Garden combination. Beautiful!