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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wellington Purchases

I'm late in showing my purchases, please forgive me.  Crazy week involving a stupid decision to stand on a moving chair and then fall off named chair.  I spend a few evenings with a sore arm and didn't want to type. 

Anyway, I went to the sale at Wellington's on a beautiful Saturday found some unusual treasures.

This is a recycled metal clipboard (small), a zinc plant marker (which I decoupaged with a crown) and a little bird hanger for my daughter. I was unable to use my shabby chic magnets on my fridge and I love that they work on this little rusty piece.

I found two wall hangers which I purchased to help with storage issues.

I love the colour of both of these.

It wasn't a lot (School fees and clothes and shoes are all eating my $$ this month so I'm careful) but it is all lovely.  I brought it into the house and had to unwrap and place everything right away. I'm unsure of the exact place for the metal clipboard but for me it's an item that will move according to need.

I love that I would find these items no where else which is what makes shopping at Wellington so fun.


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