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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Friday, July 17, 2015

Slip cover tricks

I adore my white furniture and I recently purchased an Ektorp loveseat/chaise couch which matched my Ektorp chair. People make fun of my white sometimes but I love that it can be cleaned and the room shines again.  I have been cleaning slipcovers for 20 years and I find it backbreaking exhausting work but the results are always worth it. 

So here are my slipcover tricks:

It's as simple as rubber gloves and clothespins.

After washing with soap and a bit of Oxi Clean in a front load washer.

The rubber gloves seem to speed up the handling and maneuvering of the fabric over the furniture.  The provide a better grip then bare hands can manage.

The clothespins hold the corners in perfectly and I keep them in place overnight so that the next day I have crisp corners.

Easy, time tested and it always works.

Happy cleaning,

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  1. I have a white Ikea sofa also and I agree, it is backbreaking but so worth it when it's over! I use White Brite Laundry Brightener on mine then I've found if it's just ever so slightly damp, it's easier to get back on. I've never used Oxy Clean but maybe I'll try that one day! I love the clothes pin idea, definitely doing that:)