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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love and Paint


Love can change your life. 

I met the love of my life while living in my redone condo and after a year we decided to take the leap and move in together.  We chose a 70's bungalow with a vaulted ceiling and open floor plan but with the ugliest paint colours I have ever seen! At least after having redone my condo I went into it knowing I could paint..... And paint and paint to fix it.  This is the dark, matte light sucking colour.

Moving two homes is a time consuming process (especially in the winter) and so Christmas showed up and I had to ignore the hideous colour and throw up a tree.

It was two tones of orange/brown/rust/dark/matte  blehhh.

It was a few days after Christmas when we were choosing paint and on New Year's Day with no plans we began.  The paint is Benjamin Moore Origins (sold by Canadian Tire in Canada) Mercury Glass high gloss.  It's a true gray with only black added as a colour and I chose high gloss (as always) to bounce the light.  

Why do cats always find the paint tray and walk in it??

Alright it was getting better and certainly lighter.  I have wanted gray for a long time and this gray is the one I had been waiting for.  It sometimes looks light blue but it's creamy, soft and light.

I found the sideboard with the TV not working. It's a long wall into the dining room and with a large window beside it and then open to the kitchen.  It was limiting for pictures or "stuff" so I took a leap on floating shelves to centre the sideboard/tv and allow me to add and subtract my treasures without putting holes all over the wall. 

I like it a lot.  It allows me to redo it on a whim without marking the wall, it centres the TV setup and adds a focal point that was needed. 

The background colour works doe all seasons and makes my treasures shine.

It was a big start on getting this house looking like ours. 


  1. Hi Patricia!
    It seems I'm the first to comment this post!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is me screaming of joy!)
    I also got a divorce back in 2009 and I know how hard it is! I have 2 children and it hasn't been easy! SO, I am really happy for you!!!!
    This is the first post I comment because I just found your Blog today! I went to Google to search for ways to decorate a room with the Leirvik Ikea Bed )I'm thinking on buy it to renovate mY parents bedroom) and I found pictures of your beautiful bedroom!!!! I liked it so much that I also view the 2nd post about the bedroom... and then I decided that a I had to read the entire Blog...
    Wich I did! Today! All day! I love what you made with your house, and you have inpired me to start a Blog to force myself to decorate my house, which I didn't do it until know, because my divorce has affected me too much...
    So You will bw the first to know when that happens... I just have to figure out a name for it...
    Be happy!
    Kisses from Portugal!

    1. Helena thank you for your kind words and congrats on moving on in your life. It's funny you would write me as I am part Portugese and I spent a month there when I was a child. It's a lovely country and you can create a perfect life for you and your children. In a country full of old treasures you can make a beautiful home and I would love to see the results, please let me know the name of your blog once you have it up and running. All the best to you!! Patricia