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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small Discoveries

I have been absent for a bit due to..... taxes (I took my time this year & it worked - money coming back - yeah!), fence issues (in progress and I'm so excited) & my sweet girls oral surgery (wisdom teeth).  

In the midst of all this I discovered some great things like this grey bucket.

It's perfect simplicity only needed a little crown magnet.

This  It's essentially useless but I couldn't pass it up so it came home.

And my favourite favourite app. A few weeks ago Siri came into my life around the same time as my House Beautiful magazine which has this on the cover and throughout the magazine.

In order to access the content the Digimarc app is required.  When the blue HB is scanned with the Iphone videos come up with extra detail about the article your looking at. What I love the best about it is that it has a function that identifies any song! I used it last night while watching "House" and had an answer within seconds (Black Moon - Wilco).  This is going to get so much use!


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