Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Milky Grey

I'm having one of those years where every expense is popping up so I'm trying to watch my money.  This new found caution had me looking close to home this weekend for inspiration.  

I purchased this little birdhouse years and years ago.  It was brown so I spray painted it white and I have never liked the outcome but I didn't want to spray paint it again. 

I decided to experiment with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and water.  I was told water will take it off a surface but I wanted to try.

Paris Grey, water & a chalk paint brush.

It went on as a pale matte grey.  As well since it was a "wash" of colour it was easier to coat each rung.

It made this little birdhouse shine.

It helped bring cohesiveness to the area in my dining room with my Annie Sloan Mirror  (

I'm snoopy & love to see how people decorate so here is two pictures of this end of the room.



  1. love this little house - i want to peek more into your room! it looks so beautiful! xoox. tracie

  2. Hi Patricia...your room is beautiful!
    The bird house is the perfect finishing touch (although I know we are never really finished)!