Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, August 7, 2011


All over Blogland are beautiful elegant chalkboards.  I decided I need one. 

I took a mistake mirror (Aging it - didn't work ) in a beautiful frame and painted it, then painted on the mirror with flat black paint (cheaper than chalkboard paint).

I left it drying in the kitchen, and asked my sweet girl to ... leave it alone. She cannot and never has been able to resist a piece of empty paper anywhere, but one wall of her room is blackboard so I assumed this tiny bit of chalkboard would be left alone. 

I came home to this:


Derp (I looked it up before I posted) means dumb. 

No crowns, or fleur de lis or fancy menu items on my chalkboard, nope, Spongebob. 

At least I got "love ya Ma".  $8000.00 worth of fertility drugs and I was Mommy for only a few years and then it got switched to Ma.  It's not what I wanted, but from my sweet girl it's lovely every time.

Maybe one day I will have an elegant chalkboard.


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