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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Blue Period

I am going through a blue period, I still love pink but lately blue is winning.  About 3 years ago I was at an antique store and saw a vintage urn and everything looked alright in in but nothing made it sing, then one day I was in another antique store that was closing down and in the corner was a fishing float and suddenly the urn had something that worked with it.

This float was hiding under a very intricate rope cover and it was dirty but cutting it out of the rope and cleaning it off revealed this beautiful blue float.  Floats are so interesting and all over ebay in all price ranges.  This float got me thinking about more blues and how lovely they always look.

This Rachel Ashwell shabby chic pillow has the most beautiful combinations of blue.  It's called Blue White Floral and something about it is so charming to me.  My favourite Rachel Ashwell blue is Bella Rose Blue, bar none her best blue. 

She hit it out of the park with this one. 

A calming blue corner.  This is a chair my mom found in Home Sense and it was christmas green and gold (ugh) but she could see the beauty.  She kept at it with the white paint and now I owe you a picture of the whole chair - next time.

My Mom, like my daughter, is an artist.  She saw this picture in Domino magazine and copied it. 

I love the how blue can be bright even in a dark snowy run of winter.  I got my laptop a few months ago and despaired at the horrible laptop choices available. Ugh, no thank you to black, black, black.  Then I found this:

I love the cheery polka dots.  It's from a company in Britain called Oliepops, I purchased mine on ebay but they have a website as well,  I tell everyone who is interested in a laptop case about this company because good design has still missed laptop cases.

We have been in a cold snap with loads of snow.  I have a sweet little timid cat, Lovey, who went out to look at the snow one evening and left the tiniest little present in the snow. 

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  1. I'm so much a "blue" fan but took all my blue stuff down a year or so ago to go with another look. However, will return to it somewhere, sometime...

  2. Years ago blue was one of my favourite colours! Nowadays, a nice pale blue or robin's egg blue is very on trend. Aqua and turqoise are also 'blues' that are very popular these days! I LOVE all the blues you've shared today! That urn and float are to-die-for and your Mom's artwork is exquisite!

  3. OMG that paw print is so cute. I also have a new love of blue (we've been together for about a year now lol) - it ads the perfect pop! I'm just realizing that i have a turquoise vase that is missing - some how in the move i put it someplace and not sure where... thanks for reminding me :)