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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking Up!

I did a lot of looking up in Vegas!  The first day I forgot to carry my camera - after 1 day without I knew better than to do that again.  The chandeliers were breathtaking.  I love chandeliers that take a chance, that are big, overblown and undeniably beautiful. 

The first I noticed was this.  We were in a mall with a restaurant with excellent margarita's (hence being unable to remember!)  It's not that I love it but it was the care and effort that went into hanging each and every piece.

I love Urban Outfitters, they are forward thinking in a way I like and they are like the funkier (and cheaper) little sister to Anthropoligie.  This is a white chandelier done right.

We went to the Bellagio and I could not believe the chandelier in the lobby.

This is the most amazing beautiful glass work I have ever seen.  It is a chandelier called Fiori Di Como by Dave Chihuly. It has over 2000 glass flowers.  It feels like your in the sea looking up at colorful jelly fish.  This alone is worth going to Vegas for.  It is large and simply awe inspiring. 

The beauty in the Bellagio continued with this behind the desk.

White and mercury glass perfection.  I need to remember this because it could be done on a small scale.

I also adored the window's at Tiffany's

It's hard to tell but the leaves are paper with writing on it.  It reminds me months ago I walked pass a book with music in it at the thrift store.  I could have done great paper crafts, wrapped gifts, and now this showed me I could have made itty bitty leaves!

I love seeing the wonderful ways glass and paper can be used.  I also got to see the grand staircase from the Titanic redone at an artifact exhibition at the Luxor.  I thought it would be cheesy, but it took my breath away.  No pics allowed so you have to imagine it. 

I did not think I would see so much beauty in Vegas.  I was prepared for tacky not beauty.  

 I have saved one final treat for you. 

I didn't indulge but it just amazed me too!!

Until next time,
Patricia  :)


  1. yes, this is what I so love about Vegas. Just looking at the signs, the architecture, the landscaping, the chandeliers!!!! That is what makes it fun for me. I see for you too!

  2. What an awesome place to visit! I've never been but I can see why it's appealing. Forget about the gambling!