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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A touch of Halloween

Halloween is nice, not my favourite decorating time as it involves black and orange which aren't my favourite.  Last year I saw this pumpkin in a store window:

Isn't this amazing??  I tried to replicate it and as my daughter would say it was an epic fail. 

Welllington's had a beautiful corner of Halloween and I tried to get close for a good picture but it was by a till.

I love the draped black cheesecloth and the black crows and silver skulls are a nice combo.  All this is fine but what I love about Halloween is that the stores start to do their Christmas display.

Last year I wanted to add a little freaky to our Halloween display so I went hunting on google and I think I put creepy picture in the search.  I found an image and printed it on vellum - see through paper.  I put it in a vase with a candle and this is the result.

I like this freaky little image.  To me that's Halloween. 

Today's a big day, my sweet nephew is coming to put up my chandeliers.  Pictures will follow. 

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  1. Hi Patricia ... It's amazing ~ it's not even the end of October yet and the stores are all bringing out their Christmas decor! They really push that holiday but like you, I love it! How exciting, new chandy's, can't wait to see them!