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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Beautiful Obsession

I have posted before that I love mirrors, well this one is specifically about my favourite, Venetian Mirrors.

I adore them and have a few,

that always look beautiful.

Sunlight reflected on a Venetian mirror is amazing, but even better than that is the light from a chandelier.  I am still waiting for my chandelier to be installed but here is the mirror that will reflect it beautifully.

Isn't it something??  My Mom picked it up in HomeSense.  Yes, for under $100.00.

It happened in 07, I woke up one morning and had a .... well I guess a shopping premonition. I phoned my Mom as soon as my daughter went to school and said we had to go to the HomeSense on 170th street because I just knew Venetian mirros would be there.  We went and found this amazing mirror, and my Mom just happened to have the matching sconces from a previous trip.

In the same aisle, hidden away  was this one,

a tri-fold Venetian.  It was $39.00 and I have never found another that was not $500.00.  I don't know why we had such luck that day but I do know every time I have tried to find this tri fold I can't or it's on ebay for $500.00

My obsession went from mirrors on the wall to boxes.

which I know are for jewelry, but I like them in my living room as candlelight reflectors. 

I like to group my obsessions together and take pictures.

See, those jewelry  boxes come in handy.

Forgot to show one final one, purchased for $15.00 because it's crown (the top) is missing a few pieces.  I don't care, scratches and dents don't bother me at all.

Until next time,

Oh yes, I promised a great Halloween idea and the picture has disappeared into thin air, I will keep looking, sorry.

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