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Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Wellington at Christmas

 Wellington Gift and Garden is decorated for Christmas! (

The most beautiful seasonal displays are always found here and as beautiful as it is it is a struggle to get a proper picture without knocking into paying customers, so my pictures could be better.
The site that greets you as you enter.  A beautiful combination of pale grey, white feathers and tiffany box blue. 

The tree above

This is so perfect against the vintage window.

A cute poodle ornament which I could not resist.

And finally, my obsession which I go visit:

an antique venetian mirror which is out of my price range but I go to drool over it and debate what it would take to own it.

Wellington is on Facebook as Wellington Garden Centre and more beautiful pictures than mine are posted regularly, it's worth checking out.
If you live close by you really should not let the Christmas season pass without a visit.  It is the most enchanting winter wonderland in Edmonton.

Off to sweet dreams of vintage venetian mirrors,


  1. Hello Patricia, I found your link on Wellington's fb page.
    You pictures are lovely, don't discredit yourself. That mirror will get closer inspcetion by me, on my next visit. I love to take photos at Wellington's also. You can see my Bastille Day pics here:

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