Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Bed

I had a spare room with junk growing in it but I didn't want it to stay that way.  I wanted this:

(...but knew I couldn't have this so I adjusted my vision!)

After 8 months of hunting on kijiji I found a daybed which was black, not my first choice, but I felt I could lighten it with accessories.

 That ugly  pile of metal turned into a beautiful daybed. 

I dressed it with a vintage pale blue chenille cover and used a set of old drapes as a bed skirt.

The blue black combination on the bed worked beautifully with a table I have had for a while.  I found this years ago and the top was red so I painted just the top pale blue and left the legs as is.

I love the vintage legs and crackled black finish.

I added in a chair that worked within the colours of the room and it was done.

It's nice to no longer have the mess of a junk room.


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