Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beautiful Obsessions

I have seen a few things lately that I loved the look of so much I had to get a picture and I thought I would share them.  I was at a Canadian company called Chintz & Co. which is packed full!  It always has been and that's part of the joy of going to Chintz - you are on a search!

This view of the shop shows you there is stuff everywhere!  On my search I saw this light that I would love to have but it needs a larger space to shine in then I have.

A Chandelier on an elegant tripod with a sheer shade is just so glamorous! 

My favourite piece was this:

I would love to own this piece but at almost $700 I just get to drool over the picture.  It's just amazing.

This I could afford; a little murano glass mirror which I have yearned to have for years. About 10 years ago I saw one just like this in a store and I walked away from it because I could not afford it. When I finally found it again Ebay made it affordable!

I loved this little charming french looking birdhouse in Creston, B.C. which has little growing plants in it.  It was in a little area between shops where you could sit.  Just a tiny bit of charm where you least expect it.




  1. I live just an hour from Vancouver and I have never made it to Chintz & Co yet. It is on my list of must do's. How did you find the prices there? Were they really high?
    Glad you enjoyed our province.

  2. Wow!!! That dresser is amazing, but a tad over my price

    Thanks for sharing:-)


  3. I remember Chintz and Co. from when I lived in Calgary! That little garden/park is so cute!