Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A present to me

Thank you for all the kind comments my readers are leaving me. The support means a lot to me. 

Does anyone else have this problem? - At Christmas I adore it all then..... it starts to feel too cluttered. I am starting to crave empty and less. I guess this happens so I'm ok when I pack all my nice things away.  Time away will help, I will come home and enjoy everything then family tradition is put it all away on New Years day. 

I was shopping at HomeSense on Friday and saw a neat little cabinet.  I walked by it a few times, checked the sale price then went home.  Then, that's all I could think about.  That's my sign that it's a good buy.  I went back on Saturday and bought it (wrong choice, busy day, traffic galore and then me parking in front of the store on a busy street to load it in the car).  I lugged it out of my car and up 14 stairs myself just so I could set it up.

Up the stairs there is a small space that was not being used effectively.  I like pretty when I turn a corner.  My first inclination was to put it somewhere where I could see it all the time but it's better to have it in an unexpected place. 

I still have to paint this hallway and this is prompting me to get it going. 

The reason this cabinet was on sale is that the glass in the doors was broken.  I actually don't mind.  My first thought was to do what Linda at did with her tv cabinet:

I love the chicken wire on the doors.  You have to see what this looked like originally:  She did an amazing job with something that most people would pass on.
Linda is so kind she offered me some the chicken wire - I'm thinking about it. 

Right now I like the open doors because they are showing some of my favourite things:

my Rachel Books,

a beautiful antique shaving cup that I found in an antique store - can you imagine a man using this to shave??  I can't,

my Domino book and favourite white pears.  Have you read this book?  It's wonderful as was the magazine which unfortunately went down with all the other magazine deaths in 2008.

On top I put some more treasures.  My white vintage mirror tray was found in an antique shop in a teeny weeny town.  I was attending a terribly boring party and I ran out for a few moments.  No one even noticed I was gone.  I painted it cream and it shows up everywhere - it's just perfect.

In my frame is a Paris composition from the scrapbooking portion of Michael's last year.

A mirror box works everywhere.

I love this little Christmas present to myself.  I don't care that my back hurts from lugging it alone, it's a bit of beauty.

Until next time,


  1. I absolutely LOVE your Christmas present to yourself! Isn't it nice to find something that you adore so much? I've walked away from so many things only to find myself thinking about them all the time! I've also gone back for things only to find that they've been sold! It's a lovely cabinet and it now holds some of your very special treasures! What a pretty sight when you turn the corner! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! xox

  2. OMG Patricia that is so funny that you bought that - i almost bought one in the same style but its one of those lingerie dressers and in a tealish color - its at the west end one but one issue, it has part of the leafy design missing on one drawer but i might go back and get it anyway. Great minds think alike right?

  3. It's beautiful!! I wish there was a Home Sense store near me. I've learned (the hard way) to get that gem if I love it since it might be gone when I get back!

  4. It's lovely. I'm sure you will get lots of joy from it--it looks like such a versatile piece!