Making Beauty Anywhere

Making Beauty Anywhere
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Collections that shine

I started a crown obsession years ago and I was lucky enough to find some lovely pins, some vintage some not.

One day I decided to put them together in a little shadow box and it's a small crown collection that makes me smile.

Years ago I found this perfect Mercury glass bowl that I adore because it isn't that shattered/spotted Mercury glass ( why they do that I understand) and it's filled with sea glass my daughter and I found over the years. It's meaningful and charming.  I sat it on a marble box that I found on sale at homesense.

I was out weeding and  lifted a small weed with this tiny piece of moss attached to it so I put it in a vintage Mercury glass salt cellar that I got years ago on eBay and covered it with a tiny cloche.

Together they are a charming shiny combination of treasures collected over time and recently.   Nate Berkus always says decorate with items that have meaning to you and my small collections do that for me.


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